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Very glad to have gotten the support from Derbe Hamburg. Get ready for the summer, wear the bee! Please detail your wish per e-mail (size, cut, adress etc...).

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Local Hamburger Honig

From the roofs of your districts

We have new neigboors in the city! And thanks to them we can finally enjoy local delicious honey! Cherry on top, all this with very very very limited carbon impact.

Liquid gold - without additives

As probably know, bees are officially protected. More than half of all species are now considered endangered. Unfortunatly this is partially due to the intensive use of pesticides and GMO in today's agriculture. We saw in the city of Hamburg a high and underrated shelter potential for our little pollinator friends. Thanks to the large variety of plants and trees and the different flowering times, the bees can find nectar all summer keeping them healthy and offering us a unique hamburger honey taste.

Eat local - Help the Bees

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Your Honey

Unprocessed - from your neighborhood!

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The Team

Here we are

While looking for a project that would promote the ecological sustainability of our city, we came across the problem of "Colony collapse disorder": throughout Germany there has been a decline in bee colonies of almost 30% in the last 20 years. We looked for a way to counteract this.
The idea came in late 2016 to install hives on the unused space of the city, the roofs! we are today 7 active beekeepers and eager to make a positive contribution to the environment and our city. By selling the bees' hard labor, we hope raising awarness among the honey lovers and promote local, short circuit unprocessed food.
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